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This week we are continuing the topic of access and equity but putting more emphasis on diversity and its association with cultural sensitivity. Be sure and check out the recordings of the class activities related to access and equity. See what the class came up with on their horse ride to the West Coast and the issues for online learning.

The following is taken from the course wiki regarding cultural diversity.

Cultural sensitivity and diversity in the context of flexible learning includes: ethnicity, religious beliefs, socio-economic status, location, professional role, belief systems, learning ability and gender. As you can see learning styles and preferences are just one aspect of diversity.

In some situations it also relates to disability regarding physical, psychological and learning attributes. All these factors can impact on access and equity when it comes to learning.

What's on the boil this week?
This week you are asked to consider two case studies, and think about how the factors associated with culture and diversity might impact on your students. There are some questions to think about around this topic. Check out the two readings - they are very relevant to this topic - one is about the cultural side of things and the other puts emphasis on diversity and learner preferences. If you don't feel like reading each one is accompanied by an mp3 audio version. This is put together by the editors of the online journal. There are also two presentations to view and information about learning styles and preferences.

Items to focus on during the break
First and foremost - make sure you have some R & R time.
  • Course schedule - make sure you have looked at something under each of the topics to date. It is not necessary to explore everything - choose the things relevant to your Learning Plan.
  • Challenge yourself with at least one thing in each topic which is out of your comfort zone.
  • Learning Plan - submit this if it has not been done already or you feel it needs additional information. You may like to revisit your Learning Plan and add any new ideas you have had.
  • Online discussion activities - contribute to the three activities and see how they contribute to Assessment two (due 10 May).
  • Journal - keep this up to date -it would be lovely to see a brief summary of your activity on the email discussion at some stage after the holiday break.


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