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The tertiary education sector is highly competitive, and now that funding is shrinking even further organisations are scrabbling for a slice of the pie. Is Flexible Learning the answer? What strategies are working well and give organisations the edge? In this topic we will explore and justify some approaches to providing flexible learning environments in tertiary organisations.

The topic from 26 April to 2 May is about Flexible learning in Educational Organisations. This is a totally self-directed topic and there wont be any tutorials on this topic. Do feel free to discuss any issue which arise on the email forum. Check out the resources on the wiki. There is plenty to explore. There is presentation by the CE at Otago Polytechnic, some readings and video to look at and as usual reflection questions.

Kate Timms-Dean ran a great session on indigenous learners. I stuffed up the audio for the beginning of the presentation but there is a recording from slide 7 and most of the discussion. This is on the wiki - Indigenous Learners. Her session will be repeated on Elluminate - see below. Kate is very happy to discuss the topic on the email forum.

Next Scheduled Workshop

Date: Thursday April 29 2010 - Indigenous learners - Kate Timms-Dean.

  • Online: 19:00 - 20:30 via web conferencing - not mentioned on schedule. More on wiki.


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