This is where all the topics you have been studying are pulled together to inform your plan. You have five weeks to develop your ideas. Use the Flexible Learning Plan template as a guide to prepare the plan. It is your choice how you present it, and this can be online – synchronous or asynchronous or face-to-face. Please keep the presentation to 10 minutes. You may choose to use a digital slide show, video, audio, written piece, blog, wiki, verbal description in person, poster etc., to present your plan. You are required to obtain feedback from peers in the class and/or colleagues and include how this has influenced your plan.

The theme that has emerged from this week's discussions has been the feeling that people are finding things a tad chaotic. Coming out from behind the 'safe' and 'contained' environment of BlackBoard and Moodle has been a challenge. Finding information and resources in more than one place, trying to keep up, and following more than one channel can be confusing at best. This 'chaos' is the hall mark of networked learning. which is described by George Siemens, if you're interested in learning more.

What does this have to do with flexible learning and sustainability? The point is that by distributing learning materials and resources in an open environment using tools such as blogs and wiki, you increase a student's ability to connect with learning opportunities at a time and place that suits them. As for you, the teacher, it is the challenge to walk alongside your students as they make sense of the chaos.


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