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Today we gathered for the first tutorial into Planning for Flexible learning. We started the session with a round table chat about progress in the course and this was a chance for people to talk about where they were at and ask questions. You will be pleased to know that we negotiated an extension for Assessment two - the due date is now 31 May. So you can still get on the email discussion and have your say. The next tutorial is online on Thursday 20 May at 19:00 - 20:00 hrs. If you would like another session (f2f or online) at another time or on another day please get in touch asap before the hour glass runs out. :0

So what else did we do?
It looks like there is a mix regarding progress with the topics - some people are feeling left behind and others are bobbing along and not drowning yet. My advice is to revisit your Learning plans to see if you have been achieving your goals - this is a good time to change your tack if necessary. Check in with me for advice once you have looked at the template for the FL plan and had a go at adding your ideas - that will help guide you with the topics you need to focus on.

We discussed the following items to help you in preparing your FL plans using the template in the Course Outline - I will send the template on email. Remember I am happy to give you feedback on your draft ideas once you get some stuff down in the template or beforehand if you need some inspiration.
  • Discuss the three most important things you want to provide for your students to make your course more flexible. How will you do this?
  • Discuss the three most important things you want to do for your teaching to be more flexible? How will you do this?
  • What three key strategies will you use to make this flexibility thing happen?
  • What aspects (access, equity, diversity, cultural sensitivity, indigenous learners, sustainability) do you need to consider?
  • Discuss your ideas for your Flexible Learning Plan.
One idea put forward by the vet nursing staff was to go online using Moodle chat when at the computer so students can ask questions. They haven't been inundated with requests and have increased access for students who want a just-in-time answer. I do this with Gmail and will start doing it on Skype if you want to drop in and ask me a question when I am online. My skype name is on the bottom of the email.

I have a range of books on Flexible Learning and online learning at my desk if people would like to borrow them. Just leave your name and the name of the book if borrowing them when I am not there. There are also lots in the library if you want some good solid paper to read. Call number 371.358 is a good place to start. :)


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