Isn't this picture amazing! It captures my feelings about Autumn and the bike illustrates for me the travels you have all been on in this course - now you are coming to the end. For some of you this is the time when all the reading and thinking and hard work will start to come together. Others will be constructing their plans later on in Semester two and I have discussed this with some of of the class - flexibility is possible. Remember Assessment two is due on Monday 31 May - unless you have been in touch about an extension. I have added a link to the email forum on the Homepage of the course wiki to make it easier for you to find the archived discussions.

In my meetings and chats with several of you, I have been pleasantly surprised by your interest and involvement in the topics of the course. I thought the interactions in the course were very low key, and was not sure what every one was up to, as we did not use blogs this year, but most of you have been working away on the topics very busily. I am very much looking forward to seeing your plans come together.

Where to start?
Check out the Planning topic on the wiki for instructions about formulating your plans and also the instructions and criteria for Assessment three - presenting your plan.

The Flexible Learning Plan Template and Guidelines.rtf is a good place to start compiling your Flexible Learning Plan ideas. Remember to look back at your Learning Plan (Assessment one) and check if you have met the goals you set for your learning in the course. This should ideally have been a work in progress which has changed as you moved throught the course. The background section will be relevant for the Flexible Learning Plan as well and possibly some of the strategies you have been trying out in your work will also apply.

I am happy to look at your draft ideas - before you organise them into the presentation for the Flexible Learning Mini-Conference. Just email the template you have filled out to me and/or ask for an appointment if you would like to discuss anything.

Next tutorials
Remember there is a tutorial on 3 June 10:30 - 11:30 in H513A and on 10 June 19:00 - 20:00 via web conference. We will be discussing your embryonic ideas for your plans and helping to give them life. (Forgive the metaphor - I used to teach embryology.) It would be good if you can attend these tutorials to clear up any sticky points and hopefully you will get some inspiration as well. I am very happy to organise another tutorial time if neither of these days suit - just email me.

Mini-Conference Planning
Please add your name to the Mini-Conference schedule There are instructions on the page about adding information to WikiEducator. There are two dates scheduled for the Mini-Conference:
1. Tuesday 22 June - 11:00 - 12:00 - H312
2. Friday 25 June - 10:00 - 12:00 - H312

You are welcome to attend either one or both sessions to give feedback to the presenters even if you are not presenting. The feedback process is very important to help you get your plans shaped into a workable form. Talk soon.


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