Sorry about the delay is getting this out to you. Afraid I was off sick at the end of the week.

The third week was spent in a little more depth about flexible learning and I have to say that the big theme that resonated with me came out of both the online meeting I facilitated last Tuesday and then our follow up face-to-face session was time, and how it impacts on us as teachers, as well as the students we work with.There was considerable concern about how being flexible may eat into our leisure time, and whilst we want to be accessible, we don't want to be working 24/7. We concluded that each teacher has their own style of interacting with students, but however we manage our time and communication with students, we have to put boundaries around it.

Featured blogs
Lisa has set her blog up and made me laugh - she had always felt that blogging were for people who didn't get out enough....I had to remonstrate that in my case that wasn't so, that I use blogging for all sorts of edifying purposes! Ron wrote a very challenging post about the the efficiency of flexible teaching/learning and asked the question " what price do lecturing staff have to pay to deliver this type of learning?" This led to me wondering if there is a level that the cost of flexibility is too expensive for the educational institution, not just the lecturer? Questions I am sure you will continue to discuss with Bronwyn.

Gina talked about flexibility in terms of technology and being able to better reach her students, including a cohort who live on the North Island.  Adain introduced himself with a gorgeous photo of his family. Adain talked in his blog post about Salman Khan about his approach to education - I won't say any more than that...go over to Adain's blog and see what it is about Salmon who inspires him so much.

Lisa featured a really interesting image of a flower growing in a pot with the student being the major petal and elements such as content and organisation supporting that petal...have a look and tell Lisa how you conceptualise flexible learning as an you agree with her picture, or would you do something different? Cat introduced herself as a veterinary nurse lecturer and is very pleased that she's managed to get her blog up and running.

Are students ready for flexible learning?
Helen wrote a post explaining her view of flexible learning, and made an interesting point: are students ready for flexible learning? This made me wonder if we do enough to support students to be flexible learners. What do you think? I got a tad distracted when I was reading Annette's post in which she talks about Facebook, and wondered how it could contribute to flexible learning. Laurie has been thinking about networked learning and how that can be ons strategy for facilitating flexible learning. Lisa Richardson talked about icebergs and brain chemistry

Thank you all for your wonderful posts. Good luck with the rest of the course - have fun. I'll be catching up with you for a session or two later in the course. Cheers Sarah


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