Welcome back everyone, I hope you had a good Easter break. For this topic you will be investigating a range of possible strategies, within the five dimensions (time, delivery and logistics, entry requirements, content and instructional approaches and resources) of flexibility (Casey & Wilson, 2005). Read more on the wiki.

Web conference
The web conference scheduled for this week will now be offered on Friday 27 April, 2-3 pm via https://adobeconnect.op.ac.nz/fl12/
I hope you can make it if you are unable to attend the on-campus class.  

Activity Five – Design and describe flexible learning strategies for your context.
  • Explore a variety of strategies.
  • Talk to colleagues about the strategies they use for teaching and learning.
  • Developing A Blended Learning Strategy: Instructional Media & Pedagogical Considerations. This has 72 slides and you will need to pause each one to read it.
  • Investigate the Gallery of Strategies on the Australian Flexible framework site. This is about eLearning but many strategies are applicable in all areas of learning.
  • Design and describe strategies for your context, using the Template for Blended Learning Strategies - link to pdf below (or you can access the word version on Moodle).
  • Post your strategies to your blog.
  • Hint: you can upload your completed template to Scribd and insert a hyperlink to it on your blog. It is best to save as a pdf or Rich Text file.
Resource - Template for Blended Learning Strategies.

Two readings are recommended. Sahin reports on a study where blended learning approaches enhanced student performance in a footwear design course. Heinz and Proctor present two models for designing blended learning and a definition.


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