Cultural Capital of New Zealand by W J Harrison

Diversity is the subject for the next two weeks. Here is an introduction from the wiki. Remember because it is such a vast area, you will need to be selective and explore resources relevant to your teaching context. Please respond (if you wish to come) to the Doodle poll re the next online class (one hour). We will be exploring cultural diversity - everyone is welcome.

The next on-campus class is Friday 15 March 13:00-16:00 in D317,  mostly looking at trends in education with some discussion about what people have explored in relation to cultural diversity.

One of the reasons for introducing more flexibility into teaching and learning is so that all students, regardless of their diversity, have an equal chance to learn. Consider how to provide inclusive access to course materials, learning activities, class interactions, and assessments. Learning styles and preferences are just one aspect to consider. Cultural sensitivity is an understanding of the way in which cultural factors and practices shape and influence the way people behave and learn. There are several factors at play: ethnicity, religious beliefs, socio-economic status, location, professional role, belief systems and gender. People develop particular perspectives and values depending on the group or community in which they reside.
In some situations diversity also relates to disability - physical, psychological, and learning. All these factors can impact on access and equity when it comes to learning. Remember the strategies you introduce can become inflexible if issues of access and equity are not addressed. For example, using a lot of online resources when learners do not have ready access to computers and the Internet. Very importantly this topic requires an awareness of Universal Design and inclusive learning and teaching as well as cultural diversity.

Read more about the subject on the course wiki. 


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