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  • Martin has been discussing his explorations into open courses and resources including the badge reward system - with several posts which will be very helpful when you begin your explorations on this topic.
  • Kevin has prepared a great introduction and provided us with a video so  we can understand how "modern technology is being used to prevent accidents".  This sets the scene well for a discussion about the type of technology that his students encounter in the learning environment.
  • Jacqueline has prepared two very informative and extremely interesting posts. In the first post, she compares her unique area of teaching in drug addiction rehabilitation with traditional higher education. In the second post, she discusses diversity, blended learning and some of the learning theories.
  • Lorraine has set up her portfolio using Google Sites and introduced herself - I love the picture.The organisation and look of the portfolio is easy to follow.
  • Emma has written a fabulous description about learners in the midwifery programmes, and will help you with the first activities that you are asked to do.
Each fortnight I will showcase your posts so if you want to get your name in lights make sure you get your posts on your portfolios - this is your chance for feedback.


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