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The next two weeks is important consolidation time, and a chance to review the topics you have encountered so far in Flexible Learning.  I am curious to know where you are heading in your thinking. Some of you are doing a great job in this respect, sharing your ideas on your portfolios. Here's hoping that the cooler weather will encourage more of you to so the same.

To 'oil the wheels' in this endeavour,  a 'blog sprint' is scheduled for those of you who can make it - H611 from 12:00 - 13:00.  And I would like to schedule an online session next week before the term break. This session is for distance and on-campus participants alike, and will be a session to discuss any of the topics we have covered so far.

Please indicate when you are available by filling in the latest Doodle poll. I would really appreciate if you could do this (if you are intending to come) by Friday 12 April, as I want to announce the session on Monday next week. I have chosen times when I am free, and it helps, if it is at all possible, if you can try and choose times that others have also chosen. Fingers crossed we can get several of you in the Adobe Connect room at one time.

The topics covered so far are:

  • What is flexible learning?
  • Diversity, and
  • Trends.
After the break we will be looking at Sustainable education and Strategies, but if you want to whizz ahead, just give me a few moments....I am still adjusting these topics and changes may be made to the content.


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