World cyber games 2004
For this topic, you will be doing some investigative work and exploring trends in education. This work is based on the 2013 Horizon report, a resource which has become internationally recognised as the voice of the future in education.  We also refer to a report prepared by the Open University Innovating Pedagogy.

Please be guided by the resources and activities on the course wiki under the topic called Trends.

The online session is on Thursday 14 November 09:30 to 10:30 on Adobe Connect.

Learning Objectives for this topic

  • Become familiar with both pedagogical and technological trends in education.
  • Explore resources about ePortfolios, mobile learning and social media.
  • Select a trend technology and/or educational approach to use in a learning activity.
  • Design and present this learning activity in your ePortfolio/blog indicating how it supports flexible learning.


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