Isolation and the falling stars by 802
To get started in the course and find out how to set up your learning portfolio, please go to Getting Started on WikiEducator.  If you need assistance, please get in touch as soon as possible, otherwise weeks can go by if you don't get over the hurdle of setting up your portfolio. 

The schedule and assessments are in the Semester Two Course Outline. August to November 2013. Make sure you familiarize yourself with what is required.

Remember you can make your blog or ePortfolio space private if you prefer and invite just the course lecturer. I can supply email addresses if you wish to give course participants access as well. If you do feel comfortable having your work in a public forum, the advantage is that others can interact with you, and give you feedback. 

In class today, we looked at an example of a blog, and an ePortfolio from the semester one class - links on the right of this post. We also began talking about what flexible learning means - the first module - What is Flexible Learning? - and discussed the five dimensions of flexibility and ratings on the flexibility continuum (Casey & Wilson,  2005). 

On Moodle, you can find material that was given out in class:


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