What is the connection between blended learning and flexible learning, really?
A question to ponder.

By now you need to have made a start on meeting these following objectives about the topic - What is flexible learning? - and have posted or be thinking about posting on these areas on your blog/portfolio:
  • Define flexible learning in your context.
  • Explore principles and processes of flexible learning and teaching.
  • Investigate multiple dimensions of flexible learning.
  • Critique a variety of examples of existing flexible learning and teaching options.
  • Reflect on how the dimensions of flexible learning could be applied in your context. 
If you haven't made a start yet, make sure you read the Semester two Course Outline on the WikiEducator Welcome page, and follow the instructions in Getting Started. If you are still unsure which format to use for your Learning Portfolio, please check out the examples on WikiEducator.  

Some of you have got started with your portfolios - great work. We now have a mix of people studying over the full year and and some who have recently enrolled.

Karen is using a blog for her portfolio and has recruited the assistance of her dog buddy to come up with a very original definition of flexible learning. See what you think, and check out her response for Activity two - she has set herself some fine goals.

Aimee on her blog is exploring the meaning of flexible learning and has discussed the possibilities of group work and the challenges associated with motivating distance students for Activity two. For Activity three, she has compared two Vet Nursing programmes using the flexibility matrix with a great discussion about the five dimensions of flexibility. 

David G has made his first ever blog post, and he is using a Wordpress blog.  I can see that we can look forward to being entertained with lots of delicious pictures of food. It sounds as if the Bachelor of Culinary Arts is already making use of a lot of tools with students. He asks some interesting questions about using technologies - see if you can answer them.

Hamish in his post for Activity two talks about what flexible learning means to him as a lecturer in automotive engineering - for him learning styles are important.  Open entry is one of the considerations mentioned in Activity three.  

Martin is exploring open education methods and the connection to flexible learning. See what he says about Flip teaching and open approaches in the classroom on his post for Activity twoHe has discussed examples of open and online distributed teaching in two other posts - and Mozilla Badges. See what you think of these tools for learning.

So at this stage, if you are going to keep up with the schedule and get finished by mid November, you need to be close to completing Activities two and three, and be about to start on the next topic: Diversity. I will post about that later in the week.


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