Abbotsford Community Services diversity mural by University of the Fraser Valley
Since everyone is at different stages in the course, rather than putting up a post to remind everyone to start this week's topic, I have decided to try a different approach. So keep using the schedule as a guide as to where you need to be but don't be too hard on yourself if you are at a different stage. The next topic to be thinking about is diversity. 

Why do we need to have a grasp on diversity to understand the 
concepts of flexible learning? 

Understanding who your students are, how they learn and what will encourage them to engage with your subject will optimise equitable access to the learning environment. Is it true to say that only by acknowledging difference can we be inclusive? Or is it fairer to say that good learning design is inclusive by default? What is diversity? What is culture? How is cultural diversity relevant to your teaching?

Where to start? 
Check out the materials on WikiEducator about Diversity. Activity Four will guide you.
Read what others have said about diversity.

Hamish gives us a clue in his post - a really interesting example about the 'fish hooks' that can lurk within the diversity of language. Automotive engineering like any discipline clearly requires students to learn a new language. He is using some good strategies to support students to do this - using consistent terminology is an important part of the challenge.

Kevin has written a really good description about the diversity of his group of automotive students. He has presented an excellent critique about how his teaching approaches and the learning environment he creates link to principles of universal design. 

Lorraine  addresses some issues associated with diversity in nursing, a female dominated profession. So in this instance, gender disparity is high on the list. Why don't more blokes enter nursing do you think?

Nathan  has highlighted the different areas of diversity in the Certificate in English and Engineering, a Functional English course, and discusses some really good ideas for supporting their diversity. Have you any suggestions for how he could engage the students who love to play on social networking sites?


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